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A nontraditional form of Framing

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Thank you for visiting our web page dedicated to our hobby and passion Framing on stone.

Its our pleasure to share with you information on our one of a kind hand crafted art on flagstone, We are 1 of 2 in the country who offer this method of framing print and photography on flagstone. The process was developed and refined for flagstone by Jack and Linda Krafft of Potter County, Pa. a number of years ago.

   The flagstone we use is a natural product generally quarried in our county. We special order 1/2" thick stone by the pallet for its easily handled.
A large part of the hand crafting is the proper matching of a print to the individual stones dimension; then cutting the stone with a chisel and hammer to the prints unique shape requirements. It is this combination of dimension and shape that created a one of a kind product even if you did 100 of each print i.e. no 2 stones dimension or shape will ever be identical.

 The print, having been applied to the flagstone by hand with a chemical catalyst, picks up these dimensions. Then hand painting is done blending colors and lines to the framework of the stone - thus framing it onto the stone.

 A sealer is then applied to protect the artwork as well as making it easy to clean. Each piece takes 5 to 7 days to complete.

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